Review: Erzulie Cosmetics! The good, the okay, and the ugly


I’ve been on a quest to use more natural products. It did wonders for my hair, and I’ve found that my skin seems to like natural, oil based moisturizers better than “oil free” chemical ones.

So I’ve been trying to replace my makeup with natural products as well. Recently I spoiled myself with a bit of a haul from Erzulie Cosmetics. I tried them out this morning before running some errands, and I’m ready to leave my first review. I’ll update it after about a week’s worth of use of the products I liked.

GODDESS GLOW™ Liquid Brightener
I’m a big fan of how my face looks when I use Aromaleigh’s Mineral Finishing powders– for the first hour or so. My skin is combination, but I live in a dry apartment and spend a lot of time outside in all weather, so it can be dry sometimes. And I’m at that age where I’m just starting to have little lines around my mouth and between the eyes, but only when I have dry skin, so moisturizers are essential. After the first hour of wearing powdered mineral foundation, my lovely oil based moisturizers are SUCKED into the powder and I look 35 instead of 25. I’ve tried Glissade, her product for drier skin, but it still doesn’t give the look I want and still sometimes looks dry in winter. So I was basically reading the blurb and hoping this was sort of like a mineral finishing powder in a tube with argan oil and other natural moisturizers.

It wasn’t. This stuff is more like the benefit product girl meets pearl, or another sheer pink highlighter. When I applied it to my face for the first 10 minutes or so I looked like the bastard lovechild of 15 year old greasy teenage snape and a cullen vampire. Weird, greasy and shiny. It calmed down after about half an hour, but the overall effect is a soft shimmery glow that might be great for mature skin but didn’t do much for me and didn’t soften imperfections. On the plus side, it was nicely moisturizing and I may buy the foundation and mix the two for a kind of soft, glowy matte complexion.  I think this would be super cute as a cheek highlighter or maybe used lightly around the eyes. The tube is on the small side, but I think it’s worth the money.

 I’m a total lipstick addict, and I always have difficulty finding the perfect shades for my skin tone.
These are some nice, conditioning tinted balms. They glide on smoothly and aren’t chalky, grainy, clumpy, or waxy… They’re cute and I’ll probably wear them for daytime. I was hoping Gwen would be a bit more of an orangey coral rather than a pinky one, as those look better on me, but it’s a cute shade on. Desire looks dark in the tube but has very little color payoff, whereas Gwen has more, but I don’t see much of the advertised shimmer. That’s a good thing for me, since I prefer a nice matte lip, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, be aware. Swatches were taken with a 2.5 megapixel camera in medium natural sunlight.  I used the blur tool on the background, in an intentionally clumsy manner, so you know the colors aren’t shopped.
ImageThese are simple to apply and reapply, but aren’t going to stay put long. I may buy some of the more brown based shades, but I wish there were more orangey  nudes available. I also received a cute flavored lip balm tube as a sample, it appears to be

It’s nicely hydrating and has good glide, and it smells fabulously fruity… sort of like melon. It tastes like fruity bubblegum. My mom tried to steal it from me yesterday, that’s how good it smells.


I love handmade products and I usually try to look at both the pros and cons of a product when reviewing it, and rarely give negative reviews. But this mascara sucks.  It’s a nice thick, dark black shade, but within a few seconds of putting it on, I had dark rings like eyeliner around my eyelids, and blinking smudged and made it worse, and it took me 20 minutes to wipe off the offending black without spreading the smudges around. For the review’s sake I left it on to run my daily errands, and within an hour and a half of putting it on, I had 90’s heroin chic heroine eyes. I’d be willing to bet that this product would NOT do that if you were not using other oil based products like the undereye concealer that come with the erzulie collection, but I’ve been searching for a mascara to wear with natural makeup, and it makes no sense to me for a company to put out a product that’s incompatible with every other product they make. So my search for a nice natural based mascara shall continue.

MINERAL EYELINER PENCIL  in Sugar Plum & Eyelite
This eyeliner crayon is a beautiful deep almost black plum, and makes a nice, thick line that’s great for smudging alone. If you want a precise line, you’ll probably need to use a primer or some kind. When I first got the pencil, I needed to run it over the back of my hand a few times to soften it, but then it went on nicely with minimal pulling. I’ll probably investigate other colors of this.  The “Eyelite” shade is basically a pink-tinted white eyeliner for use at the inner corners and waterline. The pencil is thick and chunky, and the line went on in a perfect soft smudge at the inner corner, but it was hard to get this on the waterline because it’s so small. It stayed in place fairly well, but be careful not to get any darker products, like the mascara, into the pencil because it picks them up and spreads them around.



I was sort of upset when I saw the “mineral erase cream” for the first time, because the jar is tiny, but the product is a solid cake and not much is needed to cover a blemish… you can touch it with a fingertip and come up with enough to cover two of them. I haven’t even made a dent after blending this with the yellow corrector to cover undereye circles and then covering a blemish and applying a small amount to my nose to reduce shine. I have genetic dark circles, and blending the two concealers covered them really well, but this stuff does tend to sink into undereye lines a bit. That’s easy to fix with a brush or by dabbing with a fingertip, though. The yellow corrector is very strong, and a little will go a long way. It really is just pure soft yellow in a tube, so you will probably need to mix it with a concealer. I will probably buy both again and set them with a little bit of powder to cover my undereye circles while lasting all day.

Progress in Health (their skincare brand) Oxygen Blemish Treatment
I never had blemishes at all until I started needing stronger moisturizers. For awhile, after switching to natural products, I didn’t have any, but a recently tried out product broke me out very badly.  This stuff has a very strong tea-tree and astringent smell, but it reduces swelling and redness when you dab it onto a zit, and after two treatments my blemishes do seem a bit smaller.


2 Responses to “Review: Erzulie Cosmetics! The good, the okay, and the ugly”

  1. Thanks for this review, I’m also trying to phase out most of my makeup in favour of using natural cosmetics, but theyre definetly hit & miss! I really like the sound of the concealers though!

    • @Morganvsmorgan
      I got an email after sending this review that says that they are currently working on a new mascara formulation that might be better.
      It can be really difficult to find great natural products, glad I could help!

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